Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Cooking is a passion for me and I find a lot of pleasure in it. Creating something new from so many natural ingredients and putting it on the table to share with my family and friends is exciting and satisfying experience.
This started at a very young age while helping my grandmother plant her vegetable patch. Harvesting the vegetables was so much fun. Sometimes eating them within minutes after picking, nothing beats the freshness of the ingredients.
I cooked my first plate when I was in grade 3. I belong to the colourful country of Pakistan. There is abundance of fruits, vegetables and milk. So the cuisine is full of these ingredients ass well as a lot of exotic spices. Curries are rich with butter, cream, spices and lots of variety of meat. BBQs are full of exotic aromas and flavors.
I love to explore and cook with international flavours and ingredients. From pizza to chowmein, butter chicken to steaks, I love to learn and teach.
Being the mom of young kids, I need to be sneaky to add healthy stuff in the food and still keeping it welcoming for them to try and like it.
Please join me in this ride of flavours and cuisines where I will share my traditional as well as international recipes with you. There will be posts about, hot and spicy, soft and mild,  kid friendly as well as diet conscious recipes. Hope everyone will have the same fun as i get from sharing it.
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