Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Perfect Seekh Kabab

Seekh kababs are one of the famous kababs and one of the trickiest ones to make. So lets demystify the seekh kabab making process. A lot of people think it must have a lot of spices but surprisingly it contains a few ingredients but it involves a few tricks to keep them intact. That's where the problem starts. In the following recipe, I have tried to write down those tricks so you end up with nice, long and perfectly cooked sekkh kababs. They are normally made with minced beef but you can use mutton/lamb as well.
The first trick is to get the right type of mince. Buy the meat from chuck or outside round and for every 500 gms of meat add 100 gs of fat from around the kidney. Ask the butcher to pass it through the machine twice with the smallest setting he has.
Second trick is how to form seekh kababs. The technique to make nice kabab is to wet your hands and make a flat disk of meat like you would for a patty. Put the skewer/ seekh in the middle and form a cylinder of meat around it using your palms to tighten it  around the skewer well.
Keep wetting your hands and thinning the meat around the skewer using your palms not your finger with even gentle pressure. Once you reach the desired length and thickness, take excess off from the top end of the skewer.
Third trick is how to BBQ them. For cooking the kabab is to change the sides and let it cook evenly on medium high heat on all sides at the same time. If u try to cook one side first and then the other, they will break and fall down.
It is best to use skewers with four sides as it allows to cook evenly from all four sides and decreases the chance of breaking the kababs. 
Now lets start with the ingredients.


Beef Mince                            2 lbs (lean)
Beef fat                                  200 grams
Onions                                   2
Green chili                              4
Salt                                        2 tsp
Red chili flakes                       1 tsp
Allspice powder                     1/2 tsp
Garam masala                        1 tsp
Suji/Semolina                         1 tbsp fine grain/ no2


If you have a food processor, add onions and green chilli and pulse till fine. Add remaining ingredients and turn on until it all comes together as a dough. Let rest for half an hour before putting it on seekh/skewer.

If you don't have food processor, Grate the onions on a grater and chop green chili as finely as you can. Take a big bowl and add everything in it. Knead the mixture like you knead your roti dough.
Keep kneading until it all comes together in a ball, that might take 5-8 mins. Rest is the same process as above
Form seekh kababs and grill on medium low heat till nice golden brown on all sides.


  1. Please can you show the pic of skewer thanks

    1. I use the regular pakistani seekh in square shape not the flat ones.

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