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Chicken with peppers

Chicken With Peppers

Chicken is a universal favourite among kids as well as adults. Its versatility makes it a favourite thing to cook.
This one is not a spicy dish from heat point. It has a history for me as this recipe comes from my mum. She created it as a menu option for no oil foods after my dad had a heart attack. By using this basic technique, I have made it with a number of different vegetables. After so many variations I still love this original version due to the ease of the recipe as well as preparation time.
With just 1 tablespoon of oil, you can feed 4-6 people. How good does that sound?
Here is the recipe:


Chicken                   1 whole cut in 12 pieces
Fresh garlic              8-10 cloves crushed
Salt to taste
Turmeric                  1/4 tsp
Red chili powder        1/2 tsp or to taste
Garam masala           1 tsp
Yogurt                    2 tbsp
Bell pepper               1 cut in big squares
Onion                      1 cut in thick slices
Potatoes                 2 cut in thick steak fries
Oil                          1 tbsp


Mix yogurt with all the spices and crushed garlic. 
Coat the chicken and let stand for 10 mins.
Heat a large pot and add the oil to it. 
Arrange chicken in a single layer in the pot and after 3-4 lower the heat to medium.
Cook uncovered for 8-10 mins till you can see chicken browning on the bottom. 
Turn the pieces over and put the lid on. Cook for another 7-10 mins.
Take the chicken out of the pan. Put in the potatoes and coat them in chicken drippings. Turn the heat to low and cover. Cook until potatoes are fork tender.
Put the chicken back into the pan and add bell pepper and onion. Cook for another couple of mins.
Sprinkle a bit of garam masala to freshen up the spices and serve with boiled rice or roti/flat bread.

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