Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Fenugreek leaves with potatoes

Fenugreek is a health booster. It has many health benefits like aiding digestion, controlling the blood sugar levels as well as decreases the chances of cardiovascular disease. It is said that it reduces the appetite so help in weight loss too. Fresh fenugreek leaves makes a lovely dish which tastes amazing with fresh rotis.
Fenugreek is commonly available in three forms i.e. seeds, greens or dried leaves. They all can be used in many different ways like rice soups, pickles, curries etc.
Today I am going to post a vegetarian preparation of fresh fenugreek leaves. I like to serve it with roti/chapati and simple tomato cucumber salad.


Fenugreek leaves                            4 cups packed firmly
Onion                                             1 medium thinly sliced
Garlic cloves                                   4 grated
Tomato                                           2 chopped
Potatoes                                         2-3 cubed
Salt                                                1 tsp or to taste
Turmeric                                        1/4 tsp
Red chili powder                            1/4 tsp
Green Chili                                     2-3 optional
Oil                                                  1/4 cup


  1. Remove the fenugreek leaves from the stems and wash 3-4 times in open water. Fenugreek mostly have a lot of sand and soil. Chop the leaves roughly.
  2. Heat the oil in a pan and add sliced onion. Fry till the edges starts browning.
  3. Add the grated garlic cloves and fry for a minute before adding chopped tomatoes and green chilies.
  4. Add in the salt, turmeric and red chili powder. Fry till all the moisture of tomatoes have evaporated and oil separates from the onion mix.
  5. Put the cubed potato and fenugreek leaves. Mix well to coat all the spices to the potatoes. Cook on high heat for 2-3 minutes until fenugreek leaves are wilted. 
  6. Lower the heat to slow and cover. Cook till potatoes are tender. Stir time to time during the cooking.

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