Thursday, 14 May 2020

Garlic Chipotle Beef Burgers

Burgers are all about toppings. Meat itself doesn't have much spices so toppings is what makes this meal fancy. Getting the right meat is the key to have juicy burgers. Mince should have at least 15-20% fat ratio for tender, moist burgers. I love the smokey flavor of chipotle peppers in the patties. Here is my take on it.

Beef Patty Ingredients 

Beef mince 2 lbs
Onion 1 cup finely chopped
Cumin powder 2 tsp
Salt 1.5 tsp
Black pepper  1 tsp
Garlic powder 1 tsp
Chipotle peppers 2 

Finely chopped chipotle peppers. 
Mix everything  and let marinate for a couple of hours ideally or at least 30 mins.
 Form into 8 patties.
Grill on medium high for 3-4 mins each side.
Or use a frying pan and fry on medium high heat. 
Top with the cheese slices of choice in last min of cooking.

Chipotle Sauce

Chipotle pepper 2
Mayonnaise 2/3 cups
Grated garlic 1 clove
Lemon juice 1 tsp
Salt 2 pinches


Add everything to your food processor and mix till combined.  Alternatively you can use a mortar pestle to grind the pepper and then add remaining ingredients and mix.


Avocado 3
Jalapeno 2 tbsp chopped finely 
Coriander leaves 2 tbsp chopped 
Onion 2 tbsp chopped 
Lemon/lime juice 1.5 tbsp
Salt 1/5 tsp


For chunky guacamole, use a fork and mash the avocados.  For fine guacamole  use a mortar pestle.  
Add the remaining ingredients and mix.


Onion rings
Tomato slices
Cucumber slices
Lettuce of choice
Sunny side egg
Cheese ( I used cheddar and swiss slices)


Spread a thin layer of butter on the buns and toast till nice and golden. 
Spread chipotle dip at the followed by lettuce and tomato, then place your patty and guacamole.  
Spread chipotle dip on the top bun and you have your burger.

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